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Lessebo Paper: Machines are running at full speed

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Lessebo Paper can see an increasing interest in their eco-friendly papers. The company is one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Sweden and produces premium graphic papers. Despite a slight decline in the paper market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's machines have been working at full capacity for several months. There will be no supply difficulties. The company attributes the positive development also to its sustainability strategy. 

Lessebo Paper, producing paper since 1693 and therefore one of the oldest paper manufacturers in Sweden, is happy to announce a steady flow of orders despite COVID-19. “The pandemic has made us further understand the complex links between the environment, our social systems and our health. This is something that our customers also recognise and use”, describes Ebba Ingvarsson, Communication Manager at Lessebo Paper. The company’s customers, among others, are print houses, converters, designers and book publishers as well as the paper and board industry.

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Lessebo Paper is committed to developing high-performance and environmentally responsible papers and boards for the international markets. Herein, the company focuses on graphic paper: From recycling paper to coloured qualities up to board qualities for the packaging industry, Lessebo Paper offers premium products for varied applications. At the same time, the emissions from Lessebo Paper are more than 96 per cent lower than the average producer of graphical paper. The company sources its resources from local suppliers – a strategy that significantly contributes to low emissions and eco-friendly farming. 

Ingvarsson explains: “Sustainability is very important to us. And thanks to our deep-rooted passion for eco-friendly production, we have become the clear choice for sustainable graphical paper. Our latest figure of 22kg CO2 per tonne produced paper is a symbol of our hard work and the investments that have been made. The average European producer of graphical paper emits 616kg CO2 per tonne produced paper. And through our local suppliers, our customers not only receive paper that has been produced by Lessebo Paper, but also paper qualities that have been produced from the wood that grows in the surroundings of Lessebo.” 

Tom Olander, one of the owners of Lessebo Paper, is positive about the current order situation. “The pandemic has contributed to a decline in the market. In spite of this, the machines at Lessebo Paper have been running to full capacity for several months now, due to a steady flow of orders. Of course, our focus in the last months has been to ensure employee safety and business continuity and we are working in compliance with all necessary protective measures. However, with the current order situation, we are looking into the future with confidence.” 

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