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With demand for packaging solutions growing ever higher, investing in the right people is as important as investing in the right products and solutions. That’s why Antalis Packaging’s internship opportunities are proving fruitful for both the company and its recruits.

Antalis’ Smart Packaging Centre (SPC) is just over two years old and there has been a growth in demand for the centre’s services - one of the key elements of which is packaging design.

2021 01 05 110308“We were delighted at just how popular the SPC has proved to be,” explains Packaging Technology Manager, Jason Poxon, “It means that we need to keep investing in, and recruiting new packaging designers to help with this demand.”

Antalis approached Nottingham Trent University with an internship opportunity for their BA Product Design students. After pitching the internship to around 200 students at the university, Jason received 38 applications from which Zoe Donaldson was one of the first interns selected.

Jason’s explains his approach, “I give our interns free rein to think about a project as I don’t want them to feel encumbered by historical solutions.” It’s an approach that seems to work well as one of our current interns designed, pitched and won a piece of work within two months of joining. Jason continues: “They have a huge amount of enthusiasm and ideas, which is exactly what’s needed when problem solving packaging.”

The investment Antalis is making in providing its packaging design internship is paying off for both parties. Now back at university to complete the final year of her degree, Zoe already has a job offer from Antalis under her belt. Zoe says that she would encourage any design student to consider packaging as a career. Zoe commented: “The world always needs packaging, and the industry is always pushing forward with new sustainable, creative and cost-effective materials, equipment and ideas, providing an exciting opportunity for any young designer.”

The future for Zoe and for Antalis’ two current interns looks particularly exciting following the recent announcement of Antalis’ acquisition by KPP (Kokusai Pulp & Paper) Group, a move that confirms its worldwide leadership as a distributor in the packaging sector and enables Antalis to benefit from new resources, strengthening its position and supporting its long-term financial structure.

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